What Can I Say..?


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Have been missing in action for a while and not for a good reason but I won’t bore you with my medical situation (unless you are really interested in such things !!!)

So back with an update and a bit of a revamp here and elsewhere.

Firstly Allura is completed –

2014-04-19 15.38.36

I have also produced Milly –


Do you remember her as a work in progress ?

2014-03-11 13.27.11-1

The other news I have is that a whole lot of progress has been made on my current novel – SECRETS OF SILENCE – which I write about on a new blog HERE and do the Facebook thing HERE

So all in all I am a bit snowed under right now with an order just come in for TEN dolls by May 10 and a Bride and Groom to finish for a wedding in June.

Not to mention that summer has arrived a little early and some of you may not know that I live on a beach in Turkey – What’s a girl to do ??


This is right outside my kitchen door..  and I am off to sit there now for a while..

Take care peeps… xx


Faceless ALLURA and a WIP with no name


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Allura is finished apart from her face – needless to say it’s the bit I least enjoy..  but I am getting better at it.

She still needs a few tendrils around her hairline but I have started a new WP and on top of that after a visit to the Doctor this morning I have to go for an ultrasound on my boob.

Not a fantastic day out but The Hubs wants to rush me off now and I need to think about these thing for a while first…



2014-03-11 13.29.41

Anyway here is the WIP..  Not assembled yet because I am knitting a dress and coat first.

2014-03-11 13.27.11-1

One Stitch Forward – Twenty Thousand Back


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Slight exaggeration (not liking the look of that spelling but checked several places and it’s right.)

Anyway  It’s work in progress Wednesday in a few places around the net so here is how ALLURA is looking.

twoWIP Wednesday – ALLURA has a bolero and proof she has a head – with wig cap.

Got a bit side tracked because you do need something simple to concentrate on when you are watching murder drama on the television – don’t you?

So here is little OLGA – Also a WIP and so easy I can work out ‘whodunit’ while I knit.

Not the best pics but I do try… xx

One Thing I am Not….


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…..  Is a photographer.  I use my ‘phone and my hand shakes like crazy, so while you hold that in mind let me share a work in progress with you.

This is my Ballerina though I am seriously starting to think she’s looks more suited to a B rate movie of the type I won’t mention!

I am going to call her ALLURA for reasons I can’t think of just now.

She is completely from my imagination and I make it up as I go – Her skirt for example is the result of unpicking two 30p hair scrunchies from the market.

Ballerina - Allura

I think I may have mentioned before that I have been a knitter for over thirty years but dolls are a new concept to me.

Do you use patterns or you imagination?  I would love to feature some of you here.

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A New Beginning


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So since this is the first post of a new blog I need to make it something interesting and worthwhile.

I have just finished my ‘About’ page and thought I would stretch that out a bit here.

So my topic of the day is – COMFORT DOLLS

Link to image source on about page

The Comfort Doll Project mentioned in this post is one associated with women in domestic abuse shelters.

There is another HERE who raise money and sent the dolls to children in Africa and it really is worth a read HERE.

These dolls are really quick and easy to knit, (wonderful for using up odds and ends of wool and are for worthy reciprocates.

Both sites have patterns and all the information you may need.

So if you are sitting wondering what to knit, give one a go and come share your images here.

Find them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER